November 9 and 10, 2020

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Achieving sustainable, affordable, safe and efficient storage of renewable electric energy is a key step for the development of modern societies. For this, redox flow batteries are good candidates and are the subject of numerous investigations, from the most fundamental to the highest TRL level. The main characteristic of this family of technologies is the concept of electrolytes circulating in a stack of electrodes, allowing to decouple the power and the energy capacity of the entire storage system.

The research group on redox flow batteries was created by the CNRS in 2019 (GDR2070) to coordinate research on redox flow batteries in France, with the aim of building a wider network at European level.

We are very pleased to invite you to participate in the RedoxFlow2020 meeting.

The conference will take place in English and no fees are requested for this first edition, but the number of participants will be limited. The objective is to bring together community involved in the research for redox flow technologies. One slot of the conference will be dedicated to the construction of a COST action on redox flow batteries.

Due to the sanitary conditions, this event will be organized as a web conference.

Five topics have been identified:

Topic1: New electrolytes

Topic 2: Redox targeting and semi-solid electrolytes

Topic 3: Materials (membranes, electrodes, etc)

Topic 4: System and modeling

Topic 5: Standardization and applications

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