November 9 and 10, 2020

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Monday, November 9th

10:00              Introduction

Chair: Florence Geneste

10:10              Invited talk: Peter Fischer (Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology), Jens Tübke “What kind of flow battery chemistry has the potential to replace the all-vanadium flow battery in the future?”

10:55              “Anthraquinone and viologen derivatives for aqueous redox flow battery electrolytes”, Petr Mazur (University of Chemistry and Technology Prague), Jaroslav Kvíčala, Filip Bures, Milan Klikar, Zuzana Burešová, Kubáč Lubomír

11:15              Aqueous Organic Redox Flow Batteries: challenges and achievements”, Thibault Godet-Bar (Kemiwatt)

11:35              “Organic redox active materials: on the importance of the structure and counterion design”, Eduardo Sanchez(CIC Energigune), Ana Catarina Lopes, Oihane Zugazua, Maddalen Agirre, Michel Armand, Raquel Ferret

11:55              Flash presentationLignin-based electrolytes for organic RFBs”,

                        Evgeny Larionov (CMBlu Energy AG), Olga Ekkert, Doris Neumann, Peter Geigle

12:00              Flash presentation “In situ study of ORFB using NMR/MRI and additive manufacturing” Borja Caja Munoz (CEA Saclay)

12:05              Lunch

Chair: Steven Le Vot

14:00              “Synthesis, Characterization and DFT Calculation of New Bipyridine-type Electrolytes for Aqueous Redox Flow Batteries.”

Juan Asenjo (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid), Ivan Salmeron-Sànchez, Eduardo Sánchez-Díez, Pablo Mauleón, Juan Ramón Aviles, Pilar Ocón

14:20              “Use of the dye 3,4-dihydroxy-9,10-anthraquinone-2-sulfonic acid in alkaline AORFB: a case study”, Solene Guiheneuf (Université de Rennes), Florence Geneste, Didier Floner, Thibault Godet-Bar, Jean-Marie Fontmorin

14:40              “Aqueous solubility of Organic compounds for flow Battery applications”,
Denes Konya (Research center for natural Sciences), Sergio Navarro Garcia

15:00              “Characterization of Ion-Exchange Membranes for Aqueous Redox Flow Battery Application” Ivan Salmeron-Sànchez (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid), Juan Asenjo-Pascual, Pablo Mauleón, Juan Ramón Avilés-Moreno, Pilar Ocón

15:20              Flash presentationCorrelation study of polymer structure, membrane properties and cell performance in an aqueous organic redox flow battery”
Misgina Tilahun Tsehaye (Université Grenoble Alpes), Xian Yang, Tobias Janoschka, Fannie Alloin, Cristina Iojoiu

15:25             Break                                                                    

Chair: Hyacinthe Randriamahazaka

15:45              Invited talk: Peljo Pekka (University of Turku) “Pathways Towards Next Generation Energy Storage Technologies Based on Redox Flow Batteries: Aqueous Organics and Solid Boosters”

16:30              “Synergic effects between carbon nanofluids and redox couples dispersed in O2 reduction electrolytes”, Eulalia Pujades-Otero (Institut de Ciencia de Materials de Barcelona), Nieves Casañ-Pastor, Dino Tonti

16:50              “Experimental aspects of the redox-targeting reaction of LiFePO4 with ferri/ferrocyanide in aqueous posolyte”, Jose Francisco Vivo-Vilches (Université de Picardie Jules Verne), Arina Nadeina, Noura Rahbani, Vincent Seznec, Dominique Larcher, Emmanuel Baudrin

17:10             Open discussion about COST action, Mathieu Etienne




Tuesday, November 10th

Chair: Cristina Iojoiu

10:00              “Composite Anion Exchange Membrane Proposed for RFBs.”
Martyna Charyton (Amer-sil), Mathieu Etienne, Mateusz Donten

10:20              “Composite polymer-ceramic ion-conducting membranes based on LATP and LAGTP ceramics for novel all-organic redox-flow batteries”,
Nikolay Ovsyannikov (Skoltech), Elena Romadina, Nikita Akhmetov, Alexey Sanin, Irina Krasnikova, Mariam Pogosova, Pavel Troshin, Keith Stevenson

10:40              “Effect of membrane properties on the performance of vanadium oxygen fuel cell”, Jiří Charvát (University of Chemistry and Technology Prague), Petr Mazur, Martin Paidar, Jaromír Pocedič, Juraj Kosek

11:00              “Highly Conductive and Selective Anion Exchange Membranes for High Performance TMA-TEMPO/MV-based Neutral Aqueous Organic Redox Flow Battery”, Misgina Tilahun Tsehaye (Université Grenoble Alpes), Xian Yang, Tobias Janoschka, Fannie Alloin, Cristina Iojoiu

11:20              Chemical compatibility of commercial seals in next generation redox flow batteries”, Detlef Jannes (University of Stuttgart), Lothar Hörl, Frank Bauer

11:40              “Overcoming the limitations of membranes: high performant anionic exchange membranes for aqueous organic redox flow batteries”, Caterina Sansone, Xian Yang (Université Grenoble Alpes), Tobias Janoschka, Martin Hager, Ulrich Schubert, Cristina Iojoiu

12:00              Flash presentationEffect of operation conditions on the performance of alkaline Zinc-air flow battery”, Přemysl Richtr (University of Chemistry and Technology Prague), Jan Dundálek, Petr Mazur, Jiří Charvát, Jaromír Pocedič, Juraj Kosek

12:05              Flash presentation “Graphene-based materials as electrodes in vanadium redox flow batteries”, Antonio Jesús Molina-Serrano (Instituto de Carboquimica), C. Alegre , J. Vivo, D. Sebastián., F. Carrasco,M.J. Lázaro. 

12:10              Lunch


Chair: Mathieu Etienne

14:00              “Development of safe and performant bromine based electrolytes for hydrogen/bromine redox flow batteries”, Michael Kuettinger (Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology), Raphael Riasse, Theo Faverge, Ruben Brunetaud, Peter Fischer, Jens Tuebke

14:20              “Redox Flow Battery - Application to Salt Cavern”, Cyriane Fournier (Geostock), Florence Geneste, Didier Floner, Philippe Barboux

14:40              “Understanding the vanadium redox-flow battery: an in-depth study using the distribution of relaxation times analysis”, Jonathan Schneider (Freie Universitat Berlin), Tim Tichter, Christina Roth

15:00              “Deactivation of negative felt electrode of vanadium redox flow battery: Double half-cell set-up experiments”, J. Mrlík (University of Chemistry and Technology Prague), Mazúr Petr, Pocedič Jaromír, Vrána Jiří, Dundálek Jan, Charvát Jiří, Kosek Juraj

15:20              Flash presentationMitigation of capacity and efficiency fade in Vanadium redox flow batteries”, Martin Bureš (University of Chemistry and Technology Prague), Petr Mazur, Jiří Charvát, Jaromír Pocedič, Juraj Kosek

15:25              Break

Chair: David Pasquier

15:45              “Determining charge transfer kinetic constants for fast reversible systems on porous electrodes using Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy”, Vincent Feynerol (Université de Lorraine), Liang Liu, Oihane Zugazua, Maddalen Agirre, Ana Catarina Lopes, Eduardo Sánchez-Díez, Mathieu Etienne

16:05              “0D modeling to help development of new ORFB electrolytes”, Quentin Cacciuttolo (IFPEN), Martin Petit, David Pasquier

16:25              “Exploring the thermodynamics of the bromine electrode in concentrated solutions for improved parametrisation of the hydrogen-bromine flow battery models”, Jakub Włodarczyk (ZHAW), Michael Kuettinger, Andreas Friedrich, Jürgen Schumacher

16:45              “Towards concentrated solution theory in flow battery modelling: measuring the chemical activity of aqueous electrolytes via Differential Scanning Calorimetry”, Gaël Mourouga (ZHAW), Matthieu Courty, Emmanuel Baudrin, Juergen O. Schumacher

17:05              “Water transport in VRFB: experiments and simulations”, Gvozdik Nataliya (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology), Ryzhov Alexander, Panin Igor, Pugach Mikhail, Vlasov Valentin, Stevenson Keith

17:25              “©FlowBat – redox flow battery simulator”, Pugach Mikhail (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology), Panin Igor, Ryzhov Alexander, Stevenson Keith

17:45              closing remarks

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